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Weed Treatment

Weed Treatment

Weeds crowd out delicate grass and turf and fight for nutrients and water. In fact, most weeds are experts in stealing moisture and leaving lush lawns and turf grasses to wither, dry and eventually die off. As your lawn becomes more susceptible to invading noxious weeds, it becomes more and more discolored, thin and weak. If weeds have taken control of your lawn, Advanced can help! Our weed control experts are trained and licensed to spot unwanted plants in your yard including clover, broad-leafed weeds, Bermuda grass, dandelions and more. Ascent Pest Control also offers commercial weed control and weed management to eradicate weeds from right-of-way properties, storage yards and industrial complexes. Our weed control technicians can apply pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls programs specifically customized to each season of the year to control and prevent weeds from damaging turf and ornamental grasses. Give us a call today to start the process of growing and nourishing a beautiful lush lawn. Our weed control services can sometimes be bundled with pest service programs.

Weed Control